Father's Day: Three Things I've Learned from Being a Father

This is a new song from Owl City for Father's Day. This song is actually filmed in Adam Young's garage with his dad and is about his dad. 

My Dad, too, is a hero to me. I shared this song with my Dad on Facebook this morning.

This is my also my second Father's Day as a father myself. Before I got married, I remember my Dad telling me that I would learn a lot about God's plan for us and be able to see things better from God's perspective as our Father from being married and being a father myself. That has been true. Here are three things (out of many things) I have learned from being a father.

  • If I love my daughter this much, I can only imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves us.
  • Sometimes my daughter is impatient ("Where's my milk!?"), but I am preparing her milk right at that moment. God must put up with a lot of impatience on our part ("Where's my blessings!?") and He's preparing good things for us right at those moments of impatience.
  • God gives us commandments because He wants us to be happy and safe. Sometimes I have to say to my daughter, "Don't put those rocks in your mouth!" or stop her from running into the street, etc. That's not because I want to restrict her, it's because I want to her to be safe and happy.