Seeking for Signs and Seeking for Evidence

A father took his daughter hiking through a canyon.

a canyon stream

After stopping for a snack, the daughter turned to her dad and asked, “How was this canyon made?”

The father gestured to the water flowing next to them. “God used this river to carve the canyon.”

“Really? Prove it!” She exclaimed in unbelief.

“I’m no geology expert, but look at the evidence around us.” The father replied. “The canyon is shaped like a ‘V’ pointing down towards the water. The shoreline even dips down like a wide ‘V’ towards the river.”

“Have you ever seen a river carve a canyon?” The daughter questioned.

“We’re both watching it right now. It just takes time.” Then the father looked up from the river towards the top of the canyon. “The whole shape of this canyon almost perfectly follows the shape of the river. That’s another bit of evidence for you.”

“I don’t know,” the daughter asserted. “I think it makes as much sense to believe Aliens made the canyon.”

The father thought for a moment. “Well, we also have the evidence of expert witnesses.” The daughter looked down towards the water as the father continued. “I would need to do more research, but scientists that have devoted their lives to studying rivers and canyons like this one have theories about how these things happen. Those scientists have a lot of proof to back up their ideas that rushing water is stronger than rock, over time.”

The daughter walked over to the water and dipped her hand in it. “I need to see it to believe it. I’ve never seen water cut rocks.”

“Honey, just trust me. God used this water to carve these rocks. There’s a lot of evidence.”

The daughter picked up a pebble from beneath the water, looking even more skeptical. She looked at the pebble and turned to look at her father. “And one more thing, dad. How do you know God did it?”

“I can’t prove it to you the way you probably want me to, but there’s even better evidence that God did it.”

The end.

If you want to read more, I’ll have another post on this subject next week.