Unless I Wear Your Shoes

Here is a poem I discovered that I wanted share:

Unless I Wear Your Shoes

We both agree the grass is green and the sky is blue,
but unless I wear your eyes, I'll never know the hue.

We both agree that candy's sweet. I see it in your face,
but unless I wear your tongue, I'll never sense your taste.

We both agree it really hurts when one stubs a toe,
but unless I wear your feet, your pain I'll never know.

It's funny how I think I know the other person's plight, 
but unless I own their eyes, I do no see their sight.

When Jesus said, I should not judge, I think he tried to show:
I cannot tell your motives or know the things you know.

So I don't know if what you are is really good or bad.
I am not in your circumstance, nor had what you have had.

Instead of spending wasteful time comparing me and you,
I really should be tending to the things I have to do.

a pair of old shoes